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Our story is simple: we make products that actually work and do what they say. KompaFlex MX - mix it into your soil to get a hard driving surface in 24 hours. LeviTrap SP - spray it on dusty unpaved roads and it keeps the dust down for months in heavy mining traffic, and for years in average vehicular traffic with little or no maintenance. Worldwide experience with all types of soils. Unparalleled research. Affordable products. Safe to humans, flora and fauna.

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About Us


We are The Option Quest Group located in Connecticut, USA. We take a different approach to business. We don't try to convince you by peddling the same old products. We invented what you needed: products that are (a) safe for humans, flora and fauna, (b) affordable, and (c) easy to use. Build gravel roads faster with KompaFlex MX, and eliminate dust in one application with LeviTrap SP.

As an infrastructure project manager developing a WBS, here is how we can help you:

Work Documented

We record the steps of each project with professional cameras both for subsequent auditing / review and also for documentary purposes and to advance awareness about our affordable, clean technology for humanitarian purposes.

The documentary service must be hired separately. Based on the type of footage required we can decide what video or cinema skills and equipment are necessary and provide a quote accordingly.

Inherent Savings

Through proper identification of materials and quantities to be used, using in-situ aggregates, and considering the longevity of our products, you will find it easy to fit a KompaFlex or LeviTrap project into your allocated budget. The longevity of projects done with KompaFlex and LeviTrap, and the reduced or inexistent need for maintenance, makes our products the most affordable long term clean soils stabilization and dust control solutions available.

Deadline Friendly

Both KompaFlex MX paving and LeviTrap SP dust treatment are designed to advance very quickly from planning to a finished and delivered project. No other safe, eco-friendly and highly effective method works as fast.

No other factor gets the ear of your beneficiaries and stakeholders as the words "on time", "earlier than anticipated", and "below the allocated budget". We are here to help you.

How We Work

On your first project it is recommended you hire our specialists to help you make on site determinations and transfer knowledge to your local site supervisor. This will ensure higher quality results and you will have a local trained professional for future projects.

Day 1: Site Survey

The site is inspected to determine how the project should be approached.

Day 2: Testing

Site sampling and lab tests take place while resources are coordinated for next day.

Day 3: Work

All people, equipment and materials are on site, a lenght of road is treated and compacted.

Day 4: Follow-up

Sealer layer(s) followed by a review meeting to discuss issues while the treated surface cures.


Who We Are

Our success depends on the strength of our team. From taking an order to consulting, planning, project management and delivering a finished project, we are here for you with support in more than 300 languages and dialects.

On site support

We don't just "sell you a product". We go on site to make sure you do it right the first time.

On site support

Jessica Specter

When the project calls for heavy equipment, we work with your construction team hand in hand.

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fast work, perfect mix

Lynda Smith

We smashed the language barrier with support in over 300 languages and dialects.

we speak your language
support for 300 languages

Lynda Smith

Our process works with almost any farm equipment available. Tell us what you have, we will find a way.

spray and mix
supreme flexibility

We change
people's lives

Our project "Paving Africa" has earned (the company) and KompaFlex MX (the product) huge popularity with stakeholders and beneficiaries who engage in building secondary roads for reconstruction and humanitarian purposes. If you are involved with charity work in inaccessible regions we have the cleanest, most durable and affordable solution to significantly reduce the time and cost of delivering "ready to drive on" surfaces from planning to deployment. You don't need asphalt and cement for most secondary roads (or where there are no roads). Get a surface that is equally hard to drive on by using the native soil itself (or crushed rock, chip seal, etc).

Who We Are

The Option Quest Group is an experienced diversified group of operations with worldwide activities in alternative paving and dust control chemicals, as well as other industries and service sectors. focuses on advanced soil stabilization, particularly polymer mix-in hard driving surfaces and dust elimination for traffic surfaces (existing gravel or unpaved roads, and mining & rock quarry haul roads).

Our ability to borrow resources from one division to use in another gives us a level of support and responsiveness unmatched in our industry.


We Are Here For You

We understand that a big part of the acceptance process for our revolutionary technologies rests on understanding how they work. We offer on-site consulting for projects. We also gladly take speaking engagements for events aimed at raising environmental consciousness and public awareness on the importance of working clean when possible.

We now offer documentary film production. Show your road project to the world, and raise awareness for your cause. Ask us how.


dust control

On site


deliver projects on time
do it below allocated budget
work with available equipment
easy repair and maintenance
advance miles per day

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